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  • Version 0.7

    Another bug fix, When a file was copied over the destination file wasn't truncated. The result of this was that if a file got smaller the replica would be corrupted as it would contain the new file plus whatever was at the end before the file became smaller.
    I would advise everyone to upgrade to this version as soon as possible!

    Version 0.6.5

    Another bug fix release, the following problems have been fixed:-
    A couple of problems that could cause the client to go into a loop
    I have changed the seperator yet again to one that hopefully won't appear in file names
    Timeouts have been added to the network connectivity code as sometimes it seems to hang (probably another bug I haven't located)

    Version 0.6.4a

    A small bug fix release:
    I noticed a small bug in the code that caused remosync to fall over when copying large directory structures - now fixed.

    Version 0.6.4

    A few bug fixes and a couple of extra features:
    Fixed a bug that prevented version 0.6.3 from working correctly on Solaris. Added a Stat command to the server component. Made sure that the replication maintains timestamps on directories as well as files.

    Version 0.6.3

    Another new feature:-
    A couple of new things really, first off remosync will now replicate file modification times when it copies a file over. Second a new command line option has been added -N - when specified remosync will check to see if a file on the destination side is newer than the source - if it is the newer file won't be overwritten.

    Please note that these new facilities have so far only been implemented on the network side of things - local file copies work as before.

    Version 0.6.2

    Another new feature and a bugfix :-
    • Only a minor feature but nonetheless useful - if you add -r to the command line remosync will print a report when it's done copying files. The report basically lists the number of files processed, number of files copied, how many bytes copied over and the average transfer speed in bytes/sec
    • I have also fixed a small bug in the client side file deletes that could cause a segfault on large directory structures

    Version 0.6.1

    A minor bugfix release :-
    • Fixed compatibility with Solaris (tested on Solaris 8)
    • Fixed banner string version information
    • Fixed a minor bug in the signal handling of the server that caused it to reject connections

    Version 0.6

    Another release that adds a couple of extra features :-
    • Proper support for large files added (it's succesfully copied a 48Gb file across the network)
    • Client side file deletion implementd, this means that you will now be able to have a completely up to date replica of your master server - enabled with the -R switch (off by default). This isn't yet implemented for local directory copies.
    • I've tidied up the code a little and reduced the amount of output that gets spewed to syslog - unless you enable debug mode (-D)

    Version 0.5

    This version adds a couple of extra bits and pieces to the code :-
    • Now handles the ownership of files correctly when running as root
    • I've completely rewritten the code that handles setting up the daemon and forking the server - for some reason this wasn't working properly on Suse 9.2
    • The replication now correctly handles symbolic links - previously it would copy the target file rather than create a link
    • I've redirected STDOUT to a file /tmp/remosync.log after the server forks and becomes a daemon - if -D is specified on the command line or debug=yes is in the config file this will tell you exactly what's going on with the server - don't expect it to mean too much though ;-)

    Version 0.4

    This version adds some minor features to the replication code including :-
    • Full directory deletes working properly
    • Correct handling of a TERM signal (proper cleanup of sockets etc.)
    • Handling of directory modifications in the real time monitor (chmods)
    • Now compiles on Freebsd!